From lush bouquets to unique escort card displays, innovative ceremony backdrops to unforgettable centerpieces and reception decor, Lindsay Rae Design provides the resources to tie all your wedding day design dreams together and make them reality.

The process is simple - you express your desires and inspirations, and we work to bring them to life. Whatever way you wish to translate your thoughts (photography, paint, literature), we will make sure that your vision translates beautifully on your special day. Looking forward to meeting you, hearing your story and starting the creative process!



creative director + owner

I’ve always been a lover of creativity. I can remember my imagination taking off at a young age and while a few things have changed since then, my passion to create has simply developed. After studying musical theatre at the University of Oklahoma, I moved to New York and the creative possibilities became endless.

So here I am in Brooklyn, New York, consumed by life and love, two things that sum up a wedding day. I adore working with couples, learning about their journey and making their story come alive on one of the most significant days of their lives.


lettering + designer

From collaborating on school projects to planning best friend surprise parties together, I've had the pleasure of working with Lindsay since I was six-years-old. And I can guarantee you, working together will never get old. 

I’m an Auburn grad who loves anything involving soccer, traveling, singing and celebrating birthdays. When I’m not spending time making life a musical, I’m pursuing my passion for design. Working with Lindsay at Lindsay Rae Design is rewarding as I find being a part of a couple’s journey not only inspires me, but also motivates my creativity.