Last Minute Valentine's Day Floral Inspiration!

The countdown has begun. Three days until that special someone is inevitably expecting extra attention. The panic sets in….

Valentine’s Day can be a tough holiday to find that perfect gift, especially for those who find themselves in a ‘new-ish’ relationship. You don’t want to smother this person, but you also want them to know you care for them. And for those of you who are lucky enough to be entering in to your 20th Valentine’s Day with your lover...well… maybe you’re fresh outta ideas?! 

Often times flowers are written off as cliche gift, but I think we should adjust your mindsets. Do a quick google search for “wholesale flower markets in [insert your city here]”. Something pop up? Good! If nothing came up, I’m sorry… reach out to your local florist and see if you can buy some bunches from them or check out the selection at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Most wholesale floral markets allow anyone to walk in and purchase flowers - cash is preferred. SUGGESTION: Give them a ring before you show up at the cooler. Best to confirm their rules and hours. Typically markets open at the butt-crack of dawn. So, tell your sig-o you’re headed to the gym Saturday morning and make a pitstop at the flower market instead:) bwhahaha

What now?! I’m going to encourage you to put your own bouquet together. No, I’m not crazy - I believe in you. Here are 5 helpful tips for making a personalized V-Day bouquet plus some images that will inspire you to create something unique -  no matter what personality type you’re dealing with;)

1- Pick up your supplies.

floral shears, floral tape, scissors, pretty ribbon, a vase if you want your bouquet to sit in water

2- Buy 5 bunches of flowers.

What are bunches? Wholesale markets sell flowers in bunches of roughly 5-15 stems. The bunches are all the same flower type. So, you buy multiple bunches to create a bouquet of flowers.

     Bunch 1: thick-ish leafy greens (silver dollar eucalyptus, pittosporum, magnolia leaves, bay leaves, olive branches, ferns)

     Bunch 2: greens with some texture (seeded eucalyptus, baby eucalyptus, italian ruscus, jasmine, ivy, rosemary, dusty miller)

     Bunch 3: big blooms (garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, anemones, dahlias, hydrangeas)

     Bunch 4: blooms with some spunk (tulips, daffodils, scabiosa flowers, chocolate cosmos, lisianthus, phlox)

     Bunch 5: texture (scabiosa pods, billy balls, queen ann’s lace, astilbe, astrantia, thistle)

3- Trim and clean your stems.

Cut (on an angle) about one to two inches off of each stem. Remove extra foliage (the leaves) from each stem. Picture a bouquet, you want the bottom portion of the stems to be clear and clean for either holding or to place in a vase.

4- Start creating your bouquet.

Begin with the greens (mixing 3/4 of bunches 1 and 2). From there add your big blooms (all of bunch 3). Next, randomly add the stems from bunches 4 and 5. This can be chaotic looking. The less symmetry the better! Finish with adding the remains of bunches 1 and 2 - placing them on the outside of the bouquet to fill in any gaps that may appear. 

5- Wrap.

Once you’re done moving things around you can use floral tape to wrap your bouquet and then cover the tape with your ribbon. Try a hand tied bow for an extra personal touch. If you are placing the bouquet in a vase, just make sure you trim the stems enough so that the base of the bouquet meets the top of the vase. You don’t want the stems to show too much.


Bouquets and Arrangements // Lindsay Rae Design

Photography// Some of my favorites listed below

  1. The Mysterious Mate // Sasha Arutyunova
  2. The Sweetie Pie // Landon Jacob
  3. The Vibrant “Friend” // Jean Spencer Photography
  4. The Unpredictable Type // Amber Gress
  5. The Hippie // Becka Pillmore
  6. The Whimsical One // Jessica Oh Photography
  7. The Chic Chick // Chellise Michael Photography
  8. The Dainty Dame // Betsi Ewing
  9. The One // Brklyn View Photography
  10. The Classic Catch // Joyeuse Photography

Now get going!!