Customize Your Valentine's Bouquet

It’s hard to believe it, but Valentine’s Day is just four days away and while flowers are a staple, I wanted to give you an opportunity to step it up for your special someone this year!

I will be taking a limited number of orders for customized floral arrangements that will have your valentine REALLY feeling the love.

You choose your colors, tell me a little bit about “your person" and leave the rest to me! Each arrangement will be delivered (in NYC) on Valentine’s Day with a hand crafted card attached (and your sweet words enclosed).

Simply fill out the questions below and send them over to (subject: Valentine's Day) to place your order!

Cheers- Lindsay

The Details:

Price: $125 - customized arrangement, reusable vase, personalized card, Valentine’s Day guaranteed arrival (in NYC) between 9AM and 6PM

Your Valentine's Name: Your Name: Wording Inside Card: Delivery Address: Color Pallet: (i.e. pinks, reds, bold variety, light and simple) Describe Your Valentine: (just a few simple thoughts!)